Mango Chundoor (Chutney/preserve/ spicy jam)



2 Raw GREEN mangoes, grated ( see note at end regarding choosing the right mango)

1 teaspoon Salt

300-400g granulated sugar (depending on taste)

3 tablespoons oil (sunflower, vegetable or ghee- not olive oil- it’s too strong a flavour)

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

20 cloves

1 large cinnamon stick crushed

1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon hot red chilli powder (more if you like, less if you don’t)


  1. Wash the mangoes and peel the skin, then grate them using the coarse side of the grater .
  2. Mix in the sugar and the salt and set aside.
  3. Heat a heavy bottomed pan on low heat with the oil.
  4. Add the whole dry spices and fry (the mustard seeds should start popping after a few seconds.
  5. Add the mango mixture and fry this out.
  6. Turn heat down to a simmer and continue moving the mango mixture around the pan.
  7. After about 5-10 minutes, the mango should become translucent and the texture of the mixture should begin to get ‘jam like’
  8. The consistency should be to a single string consistency (thumb and forefinger test).
  9. Take off heat and stir in the turmeric powder and the chili powder.
  10. The residual heat should cook the ground spices out without burning them.
  11. Store the still hot Chundoor in sterilized glass jars.

This preserve is great as an accompaniment with cheese, poppadum and pakoras. It is also great smothered on a toasted teacake or a thick slab of buttered toast (hot milky tea also a must!).

The chundoor will last unopened for about 3 months in a cool dark place. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and eat within 3 weeks of opening



The mangoes mustn’t be ripe. In the UK, they can be found in Asian food stores from around April-May. However, the last batch I found were in Lidl in October!

Use the cheapest mangoes. This is a cheap recipe. The mango should cost around £1 or less each.

They must be green and unripe so that when cooked, the pectin in the unripe fruit produces the jam-like consistency.

If you cant find the raw version, you can still make it, but use around half the sugar and dice the fruit instead of grating as you will find it nigh on impossible to get anything but a chunky mango smoothie.